Get fully managed small business website packages at affordable rates by Mike Simmons, Local Web Zap.

What IS An Affordable Website?

Get fully managed small business website packages at affordable rates by Mike Simmons, Local Web Zap.I’m just thinking out loud here so I may as well put it in a blog post. “Affordable” is a relative term: to some business owners, it may mean a $5k site, while others may flinch at paying $99 per month – I used that figure because I offer a fully managed website package at just that price BTW.

OK, so some people might say how can a $5000 website be called affordable. Look at it this way, if your business is such that it needs a website with many pages, or maybe some features that require some coding, etc, then $5k really might be a bargain, especially if it helps bring you increased business.

I did a search online and I actually found a website which called their webdesign package”affordable” even though it starts at $3,999, and I don’t think that includes the written content, though they do say that on-page SEO is standard. (that’s optimizing your written content for the search engines)

From their site, :

“You’ve been shopping around but you’re not finding an affordable option for getting your small business website up and running. You’ve got a business to run and you don’t have the time and energy to build and maintain a website! You need a customized design that matches your vision and brand, reliable hosting and domain registration. And perhaps most importantly, you don’t want to do it yourself!”

Local Web Design Prices Vary A Lot

So like I said, affordable depends on your outlook s well as your budget and business type. So far, my work has been at the more budget conscious prices – a lot of my clients are smaller service type businesses and they really don’t need an expensive site, just a basic (but nice) site that can be optimized for local search, and shows their potential customers that they are a legitimate business that does quality work, etc — that they are trustworthy.

And after working with some of them, I came up with my managed site solutions. Although their are some biz owners that just can’t be convinced that $99 a month is affordable – and that’s ok, and some of these guys actually do buy a basic 5 page site from me for a one-time price and handle the hosting themselves, and do end up saving a few bucks (but not time).

The main thing to keep in mind is value. Most small businesses benefit from having a website. People will do a little research online a lot of times before they buy, so it generally helps if you have a site with the info they want, even if it’s just a basic no-frills type. Get in touch, I can help you get a better online presence for your local business, with a website that you are going to be happy with – one that does represent you well and brings you more business!

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