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If your online visibility isn’t what you want, and you’re having trouble getting any traction, it may be time to give us a call. We have cost-effective options for getting your business a profitable web presence.

Affordable Web Design Services

Local Web Zap is not only a Search Engine Marketing Company in Spokane, we’re also a web design and web development company. Unlike most Marketing Companies, we are a Search Engine Marketing company first, and a Web Design company second. Often times, our clients are companies that need their web design fixed, or are people who are looking for a website makeover. We prefer to offer our customers designs based on templates rather than custom designed web pages as this significantly reduces the price for web services.

Local Web Zap website designers can improve your existing website, or we can build you a brand new website from scratch. All of our sites are built with end result in mind – converting your site visitors into a lead, a phone call or a sale. We specialize in building beautiful, responsive SEO-friendly WordPress websites that the search engines love.

How We’re Different

A lot of webdesign companies have a staff of 10 people or more, offices and overhead to pay for, so they charge accordingly, which often means you’re looking at $2,000+ for a fairly simple site. And many of these design companies like to make fancy looking sites at a premium price well beyond that starting price. We like nice graphics too, but many times those fancy features really serve no purpose when it comes to converting your site visitors into paying customers. We have an entirely different approach to web design and customer service. In many cases, you’ll find that the web designs that we offer are reasonably priced between $400-$1,000 depending on features needed. If you’re really on a budget, we have some web designs that are priced in the $250 range.

We design websites for all types of businesses and marketing budgets. From landing pages built for specifically for our clients AdWords campaigns, simple but effective sites for service businesses, to custom sites.

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Our websites are built and managed with the 3 major fundamentals, driving traffic, and then converting traffic to qualified buyers who are looking for your services.

  • Responsive Designs
  • Design & Implementation
  • Conversion Optimization

Mobile Is Here To Stay – You Need A Responsive Design!

Would you walk around with only one eye open? Besides being a little dangerous, you would also miss out on a lot of things because you just wouldn’t see the whole picture.

Maybe that isn’t a great analogy, but the point is, if your site isn’t mobile friendly you ARE missing out on web traffic. In fact, it could be a major part of the available traffic!

Have you ever noticed just how many people seem to be on their mobile smart phones (or tablets, etc)? I have, and it sometimes seems like almost everyone has a smart phone. So if your site isn’t even being shown by Google to mobile searches, well, you aren’t even in the game.

That’s right, Google won’t even show your site in the mobile search results if it isn’t mobile friendly! Ouch!

Don’t let that happen, call me today and get your business into the 21rst century.

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