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Video has become my “Go-to” strategy

Whether you are located in Spokane  or just about anywhere, video is big, and from all indicators, it’s only going to keep growing. My local online marketing company is utilizing video more and more, in fact here’s my site that’s all about video marketing.

There are so many ways that you can use video for your business. I go into some of the different ways we are starting to use video to market your biz and positively affect your website’s search engine rankings in this blog post.

Video is on a big upward trendYou’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words of course. Well, this applies to video, only more so, because it’s usually more than 1 picture! There are all kinds of mind-boggling stats about video. Check out these statistics about YouTube.

Use Video for Reputation Marketing & Reviews

Video is great for this – if you have positive reviews, what better way to showcase them then in a video, in fact, why not multiple videos. If someone searches for more info about your company, having several videos with your positive reviews is a good thing.Use video for improving business online reputation

And we can promote these review videos with video SEO so that they will show up on page 1 of Google when someone does a search for your business name!

Use Video to Generate Phone Calls

You can target different keyword phrases, different cities, zip codes with unique videos and these often can rank on page 1. (This seems to be be especially true for “Live Stream” videos, and we have software that makes that process easier.)

We always put a phone number right in the video title – videos stick out on the page, and often people will just call the ph # they see in the video title without watching the video if they need help.

Use Video to Rank Your Website Higher

Google loves links from YouTube videos (they own it). Links still definitely help your website rank higher in the search engines – keyword stuffing is out, but links are still big!

Proof Video Works

 My first client was back in 2011. We stopped marketing his biz almost 4 years ago – he had enough business, and was actually ranking high in many search terms….there was a snafu, and we had to switch domains so had to use basically a brand new site…

(Click to see my 1rst client’s rankings after ~8 months of work CLICK–>> AWH rankings)

His business name is known by Google, so he still shows up, but not like before BUT, for 2 different search terms that I had made videos for, he’s still number 1 & 2! I just changed the link pointing to his old domain to his new site url…video works for local!

I alos ranked my site for “local SEO Spokane”. mainly from the power of video. I did this for proof, and it does work, take a look.

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