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So, you made it to our site right? That’s the point of having a website and it’s what we do. We help small business owners get found online and get their message out there. Whether you’re an electrician, a remodeling contractor, a heating and AC guy, whatever your trade is, you need website development to get the word out. The big difference between merely designing a website and developing it, is the ability for it to be seen online by your target audience.

There are many parts in a successful local website development campaign
We understand the nuts and bolts in a successful website development campaign.


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We’ll work for anyone no matter where they live, but we call Spokane our home. I was born here and grew up in the Spokane Valley. My dad had his own business and traveled all over. He was like the mayor, it seemed like he knew everyone. I’m sure that he got most of his business from networking. Times have changed. Know what people are likely do nowadays when they need service? Check it out on Google. People don’t always know somebody or ask a friend, they just check it out on the internet. So can you see how powerful it is to be found on Google Local search?

It’s amazing how Google determines what to show on a local search.  When I am locked out of my house out of my house at 1am, I don’t want to read a Wikihow article on picking locks, I want to find a locksmith! Preferably nearby. That’s the future of local search – Google knowing how to properly answer a user’s question. And it keeps getting smarter. So, while finding an online app that can tell you what the winning lotto numbers are isn’t going to happen on a Google search. Finding a local service when you need it keeps getting easier.

That’s where we come in. Our goal is convince the local search engines that your business is deemed the best “answer” when someone asks “who is the best plumber in Spokane WA?” We want your business to provide the best answer when Google sifts through it’s data. Whether you own a pet grooming business, are a dentist, an accountant, you name it. It’s my job as a web developer to improve your local online visibility, and to get your phone ringing.