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Social Media Can Bring Your Small Business Website Juice And More Visitors

Making use of and implementing the power of social media is an integral part of our small business web marketing services. It’s just smart marketing — it’s what the search engines, namely Google, pay attention to, and it keeps growing.

Here’s some social stats I found in a nice article that may enlighten you, if you aren’t already aware of how using social for your business can make a big difference:

Social Stats that Affect Your Small Business

Social media marketing can be intimidating, especially for small businesses that already have limited time when it comes to their marketing. Getting started on new platforms, with different styles and requirements and opening your business up to the possibility of getting negative reviews leads some businesses to shy away from it, but at this point in the game, not being on social media makes less sense.


We’ve collected the statistics that show where small business social media marketing is today and where the opportunities are for small businesses looking to get ahead.

Over half of all U.S. adults are on social media networks. By not being where your audience is, your local business is missing vital opportunities to not only communicate with your current customers but connect to potential customers who can discover you through social media.


Convinced? Ask us about how we can help you generate more exposure, more leads and sales with business blogging and social media syndication, and bring some social media juice to your business.

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