Show Me Don’t Tell Me

What my old HS track coach would tell you.

There’s a lot of folks out there claiming all sorts of stuff to get work, so it’s hard to know who can actually get results. (be wary of people who promise you’ll be #1 in Google, etc.)

I don’t put a lot of stock just in ranking for this term and that keyword, etc., but of course you have to be found online first before you generate more leads from your online marketing.

So here’s some rankings for my first official client, an HVAC biz in a town of around 100K +, but HVAC is a competitive field. This was after about 8 months of work.

My first client’s rankings

“Hey, that was a long time ago” you might say. Fair enough. Rather than show clients info, here’s some more proof I get results:

I also rank #1 in Google local listings and #2 organically for “Spokane local SEO” (and for you SEO pros, no, that’s not personalized results) Spokane local SEO

ranking proof

7-22-16 Spokane Local SEO