People are using their mobile devices to access the internet everywhere they go

Am I The Only Person in Spokane Without A Smart Phone?

Ok, I know I am not the only non-smart “mobile-device” guy/gal, but if today is any indication, I’m definitely in the minority!

A short post for the talking about business category, as I am a few minutes away from fixing dinner and watching BBall on TV to see if Steph Curry has any magic left (he probably does – even tho the Warriors got blown out a couple days ago, he took a shot from 3/4 court, and drew iron – he always seems to do that, all those other guys (pros) usually don’t come close).

I changed out my spikeless snow tires at the local Northside Spokane Discount Tires store today. Cool, I don’t have spikes, so I can wait until mid-May, so not real busy. I sat down with some reading material and kinda checked out the room. Normal Spokanites, mostly younger than me, but a couple guys that were about my age, or older. About 9 total including me. Know what struck me?

There was 1 guy reading the paper (yeah, newspaper advertising is not real big anymore), me reading my small magazine. The other 7 people? What else, surfing the internet, chatting, reading their emails, etc, on their smart phones! I don’t get out that often. To you that do, my observation is probably not surprising…that is if you notice when you’re not looking at your phone/tablet that is 🙂

What does this mean if you are a small business owner? Even in a town like Spokane (not small but kind of a small town attitude), people are taking the web with them…everywhere.

I can help if you need to get your business digital….and mobile…where all your customers are.



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