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Web Design and SEO 

A good website should serve it’s purpose: be clean and clutter free, easy to navigate and bring you more customers. News flash, a great looking website on page 2 or 3 of Google isn’t as effective as a nice, simple site that’s on the first page! What we are really good at…is getting your website seen by potential customers and getting your phone to ring. The right way to do this starts with your website, but building your site is only step 1. There’s usually a LOT more work to be done to get your website ranking in search.

Mike Simmons and Local Web Zap rocks!… He made it so that clients can input their address to have a tax packet sent to them and I’m getting 3-5 requests per day. I have now worked with him for 3 years …So thrilled I found Mike! — Jenya Rose

Mike and Local Web Zap helped me optimize my Google listing and also helped me get a business video on the first page. It was easy to work with him and he followed through on what he said. I highly recommend them. – Doug Scott “You-Do- DJ”

I’ve got an HVAC biz and had Mike get me online back at the start of 2012. I went from nowhere to be found online to having several top spots in that Google pack…and I got more calls. I just recently had Mike update my website and it now works great on smartphones… – Ken All-Ways Heating & AC

Internet Advertising, Online Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization

We all know Google dominates the internet, in fact when you need to find information on a business for example, you “Google it”. But what is a big driving force online for local businesses? It’s called Google Maps. When you search online for a service like a plumber, Google will show you listings of local businesses that you can call. And although the Google My Business listings are now the 3 pack, and can be competitive to get into that top 3, it’s usually worth it as a local business to be there because of all the added business you’ll get.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website to be seen when potential customers are searching for what you do. A typical web search has ten results to be shown on the first page. When a Local search is made there are 3 local spots shown, and then 10 websites. Those top 3 positions are extremely valuable. If you’re the fourth plumber (or any other local shop or trade) to come up in a Google Local search, someone has to start digging to find you, and people don’t dig, they click!

“When a Local search is made there are 3 local spots shown, and then 10 websites. Those top 3 positions are extremely valuable.” – Mike Simmons, Owner Local Web Zap

But the Maps listings don’t take up the entire first page. There are also the paid ads. IN fact, Google is expanding the Adwords section, and while it can be costly if done wrong (like using AdWords Express),done right, it is a quick way to get on the top of page 1 and get phone calls and increase your profits. (talk to us about how running mobile ads is a cost effective strategy for local service businesses. There are also the organic listings, and you can in fact have multiple spots on page 1 if you rank in the Maps and organically (and you could also run paid ads too to really dominate).

An Affordable Website Design Company

A unique online services company.

A good looking website is important, but it doesn’t stop there. The website build is about 10% of the work we do for a typical client. Most website design firms are done when they deliver you the website. Sometimes all you need is a website, but if you are a business that needs to be found, you need the other 90%. We need to get your name out there, and perform work across the internet that shows google that you have a website worth checking out, and most importantly, worth ranking higher than your competitors. Call us today. If you’re the only guy in your county, you just need a website. If you need google local search engine optimization, you need Local Web Zap Web Design and SEO. If you need a web design company to build your web pages and develop them for you, or more importantly, take your existing website to the next level, Call or Text us at 509-426-7768



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