Local SEO Services

Local Seo Services with sustainable results

Full website seo analysis.
This is needed so we can find problems and weaknesses and then fix what’s needed for optimal online reach thru the search engines.
Full competitor analysis.
Is a very important element that analyzes where your competition is ranking online. Giving us a blueprint of what goals to set.
Full On page seo optimization.
We fix your titles, descriptions and content infrastructure for better organic reach thru the search engines.
Local directories submission.
The average state has over 130 online directories. Your business prospers from local search inclusion in top authority sites.
Local press releases submission.
Serves as a means to get your business known locally thru  media sources.
Google+/ maps optimization.
Proper utilization of your business listing and set up & optimization for better local placement & reach.
Optimization for yahoo & bing.
We don’t only focus on Google. Cross search engine platform inclusion is a must.
Top authority backlinks included.
Getting good neighbors online pointing to your website gives you online reputation.
Branding optimization.
Keeping it simple and to the point builds easier relations.
Website submission Top 3 SE’s.
Bing Yahoo & Google website indexing.
Optimized craigslist submission.
A little twist on helping connect to local buyers.
Ongoing url ranking & tracking.
We track results to see your online growth and gives us the ability to determine weak points to address & build upon.
Ongoing off-page seo optimization.
This is where we keep building connections to your web website. Creating more presence online for your business. Thus giving your website continued growth in ranking,authority & sales.

*Video optimization & ranking
*PPC – Pay Per Click analysis & optimization * can be implemented under a week.
*Google top 3 optimization * Fast track to top Local 3 Pack on Google.

* = Different terms & prices apply.

Must be U.S.A local based.

Website rankings will vary based on competition & time & industry.
SEO is an investment, meaning it isn’t a get rich quick – we can run targeted AdWords for you too if you need immediate exposure.
We as any company truthfully cannot guarantee rankings, but we do use solid methods which have proven results.
Local Web Zap does offer a guarantee that your online visibility will improve.

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Local Seo Services Spokane, WA.