Lead Generation_2

We want to form a mutually beneficial partnership with you. We supply opportunities for our partners to close on providing the services they want to sell more of. They only pay when those specific opportunities are provided by you.

We use a variety of advanced lead generation techniques to capture more high-quality leads by leveraging various online and offline marketing channels, depending on the marketing strategy we’ve developed.

We can only work with one company per industry in any given market as your leads will not be shared with other businesses.

  1. We’ll generate exclusive, high-quality leads for you via a powerful combination of marketing channels.
  2. We’ll then send you the leads on a Pay-For-Performance basis (meaning that you pay only after you’ve received your leads).
  3. We’ll track and record all leads for accounting purposes, and to ensure quality contacts for you.
  4. A “Lead” will consist of contact information from a potential customer that we’ll send to you via Email, Text, Voicemail, or Phone Call
  5. All leads we generate for you are exclusively yours. They’ll never be sold to any other entities as long as we are working together in this lead program.
  6. We carefully review leads weekly and do not charge for any irrelevant and/or bogus leads. We’ll also provide you with a private dashboard and login so you can monitor your leads as well. And if you catch a bogus lead that we missed? Just let us know and we’ll immediately issue credit.
  7. You understand that we are providing sales leads, not sold customers.

Here’s how we’ll filter out any unqualified leads for you:

We will remove…

  • Any lead containing bogus contact information such as a fake phone number, email, etc.
  • A call that’s less than 30 seconds in duration (unless it’s a legitimate voicemail), and any hang ups, misdials, fax calls, etc.
  • Any lead received from a competitor’s sales/marketing department or any other entity that is not legitimately looking for services provided by you
  • Any lead that is outside the scope of your company services
  • Any lead that is outside your geographic service area
  • Duplicate leads and repeat callers