Can Video Marketing Help Small Businesses Get More Leads?

If you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur, then chances are you may get a little glazed over when someone starts talking about video marketing. You may have received a few dozen phone calls, maybe more emails, all telling you HAVE to use videos to market your business.

Sure, you might say, people watch videos on YouTube – in fact, YOU probably watch a few yourself, but you (fill in the blank) don’t have the time, equipment, budget, etc.

Valid points,and I understand, because I am a small business owner too. But keep an open mind, keep reading, I may have a couple points that you haven’t really considered.

I was actually inspired to write this post for a couple reasons, one being I just read an excellent article by a very good writer, so before I get to my points (and it’s a different take than the article I am going to quote makes), here’s a portion of what this writer says about using video for your business:

“Your customers want to see what you’ve got. Not just what you sell, but who you are, how you think, what advice you have to lend. In other words, they want video.

If you’re a small business marketer, you might think video is out of bounds. It’s not. Video is perfectly doable for any size business in any field. And its advantages are huge.

  • Videos appeal to people with short attention spans (everybody).
  • Videos are a fun, easy medium to consume.
  • Our brains are wired to respond to the human face, voice, and eye contact.
  • Video can keep you captivated. People skim long written works, but tend to stay focused on what they see on-screen.
  • Videos have proven to increase trust. A brand can come off as more human and sincere.
  • Video on your website and blog looks professional (or it least it can).

(See the full article at:

But Really, How Can My Business Benefit From Video Marketing?

Before I give you my small business twist on the subject, here’s a little more on what the author says about video marketing and it’s benefits (but if you want to jump ahead, my small biz video tips are after the slideshare below ):”

SEO success

Adding video to a landing page makes it 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results. (Source: AdWeek Social Times)

A thumbnail image of the video is presented on the search engine results page (SERP), which makes it stand out amongst the text-based listings and is therefore twice as likely to get clicked. What’s more, YouTube is the second largest search engine and the web’s third most trafficked site.

Social success

People love sharing video on social media networks. And social networks are encouraging people to share video. Facebook has made a clear commitment to video adding auto-play, view counts, and more mobile functionality to its native video player. Twitter has a native app allowing you to record, edit and tweet videos under 30 seconds long. Vine is ALL videos.

Live streaming apps such as Blab and Periscope are rocking social media. The list goes on.

Mobile success

Close to 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance they will make a purchase on a mobile device. (Source: Adobe)

Conversion success

Your landing pages are all-important and video tips the scales in your favor for conversion. The storytelling element video can bring to a landing page increases the likelihood viewers take the next step. Video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. And 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. (Source: presentation that follows)

OK, Where’s The Beef (of the blog post)?

Yep, no denying video works, and can help businesses both large and small. But, how can it help you, if you really are a small business, or a medium-small business without the time, or maybe without the desire to make videos? Although I did just put a couple videos on a website a client made with his iPhone, but you don’t even have to do that!

Yep, you don’t have to make videos, or hire a videographer, to take advantage of the awesome video marketing coolness. I and my team at Local Web Zap can take care of creating videos for you. These videos can be really simple and inexpensive, or can be a little fancier and more involved, but in either case we can use them to generate leads for your business.

How so? Well, people like watching videos, but here’s another thing about them: Google also loves videos. Everything about them. You probably know Google owns YouTube, and let me tell you, Google is kinda in love with itself. So, of course, the big G gives videos, especially YouTube videos, a whole lotta love.

The point of what I just wrote is that you can take advantage of all this attention Google gives videos in several ways besides getting people to spend more time on your website because they are watching videos of you, or maybe an employee or a satisfied customer, talking about how wonderful your service is.

One way to get more business leads is when your video, with the phone number in the video title, shows up on page 1 of Google. This is usually more helpful for longer tail keyword phrases/topics that don’t trigger the Google maps 3 pack, which means more first page territory is available. It will usually require optimization of your video and depending on the competition, also building solid links to the video and YouTube channel (video SEO), and we at LWZ will handle that part too.

Many times, if people are looking for the service your business offers, and enter one of those unique search phrases like people are prone to do, and see your video and your phone number, they just call you. So, the video itself may not even get watched but you get a lead.

Another benefit of having videos on the web targeting a variety of phrases related to your business offering, is in the authority that this will bring back to your website which the videos link to. If you continue publishing these targeted videos on regular basis, this effect is more pronounced.

So there you have it. If you would like to know more, and implement this for your own business, please get in touch and we can talk about implementing this how to help bring you more business.